quarta-feira, 30 de julho de 2014

Adolf Hitler posing for photographer Heinrich Hoffmann whilst rehearsing and listening his recorded speech. 1925

A bomb is fitted to the wings of a British raider prior to the start of an assault on Berlin, on October 24, 1940.

The condensation trails from German and British fighter planes engaged in an aerial battle appear in the sky over Kent, along the southeastern coast of England, on September 3, 1940.

With vast numbers of horses being sent to the Western Front during World War One, some farmers and tradesmen at home turned to elephants to help them with their work. (1916) 

Young students in a rural schoolhouse in San Augustine County, Texas, 1943. By John Vachon.

President Franklin Roosevelt and UK Prime minister Winston Churchill give a press conference from the Oval Office following Pearl Harbor event

First Women's Fire Department, Washington D.C., 1929

French Cuirassiers depart Paris for the front, August, 1914 

Two East German builders add broken glass to the top of the freshly built Berlin wall to prevent East Berliners from escaping. 22 August 1961.

November 9, 1989, Thousands of East Germans moved into West Berlin. A view of the traffic jam near Brandenburg Gate

A German soldier holds a camera, standing in front of a destroyed British Mark IV (female) tank and the burned remains of its crew in 1917. 

Ethiopian soldiers with cal 30 carbine and M-1 rifle, Ethiopian Bn., 7th Inf. Div., Korea, 

Avro Lancaster bombers nearing completion at the A V Roe & Co Ltd factory at Woodford in Cheshire,

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