segunda-feira, 25 de novembro de 2013

Princess Yvonne and Prince Alexander from Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn in Germany, 1955

Move-in day in a newly opened suburban community in Lakewood, California in 1953.

Unfinished Eiffel Tower, 1878

People on the Golden Gate Bridge soon after it opened in 1937 

A postcard produced by the E. Philips Company, an American publisher, emphasized the "good luck" aspect of the swastika. It copyrighted the image in 1907

An airgunner stands before his B24 bomber wearing what it took to survive at 25,000ft over Germany in 1943-45

A crowd of 46,000 watch the Rose Bowl Game held in Durham NC, Jan 1,1942. The game had been moved from California one month after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Oregon St beat Duke 20-14

"Japanese troops using elephants in Burma, 1944

Calutron operators at their panels, in the Y-12 plant at Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The calutrons were used to refine uranium ore into fissile materia

Fidel Castro at the Lincoln Memorial, 1959

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